Every client is special, and each case is unique. That is why I customize my representation to your specific case instead of taking a flat fee “one size fits all” approach. I only charge you for the work I actually do to get the job done. No more, no less.

Generally, I charge by the hour, and my hourly fee is $300 to $400 (three hundred to four hundred dollars) an hour plus expenses. Expenses include, but are not limited to, long distance telephone calls, court associated costs, document processing, photocopying, facsimile, delivery costs and travel expenses.

In hourly fee cases I require a retainer fee. This is an up-front fee charged to open your case, insure payment of my time to get up to speed on your case, and perform the initial work required. 

As an example only, if you receive an S.O.R. (Statement of Reasons) about the denial of your security clearance, I may charge you an up-front retainer fee of $3,500 to respond to the S.O.R. and prepare your case for a hearing. I am able to keep my fees reasonable by not maintaining an expensive office or staff and by out-sourcing as necessary.

I typically meet my clients for the first time at their office, home, business, public library, coffee shop, or a restaurant. I am also available by phone or by Skype. And of course, my initial consultation is always:


There are exceptions to my hourly fee structure as follows:

Flat Fee Cases

Cases involving financial considerations are typically the cases I handle for a flat fee. This is because those kinds of cases involve a closed universe of paperwork where the scope of work is usually known in advance. Again, expenses would be extra. If there is an appeal, a separate agreement would need to be made between us for additional fees to handle the appeal.